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Name Topic Description Link
Sustrans Active Travel Active Travel Sustrans website on projects and resources to support walking and cycling
DEFRA LAQM Air Quality Policy DEFRA's web pages on local air quality management
DEFRA Air Quality Economic Analysis Air Quality Policy This guide explains how impacts on air quality should be incorporated into a cost benefit analysis. It includes damage costs for air pollutants, which are used in emission assessments for planning developments
Public Health and Air Quality - Summary (2015) Air Quality Policy This summary report provides a snapshot of action being taken within local authorities towards reducing the health burden of air pollution since the transfer of health responsibilities to local authorities in April 2013. It also highlights the work of other key organisations involved in air quality health research and promotion.
EEA Air quality in Europe - 2014 report Air Quality Policy Overview and analysis of air quality in Europe from 2003 to 2012
DEFRA Air Pollution in the UK 2013 Air Quality Policy Summary of ambient air quality data for the UK for 2013
DEFRA Air Pollutant Inventories Air Quality Policy Air Quality Pollutant Inventories for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland: 1990 - 2012
REVIHAAP Air Quality Policy Review of evidence on health aspects of air pollution – REVIHAAP Project. Technical report to WHO/Europe (2013)
DEFRA AQ and climate change report Air Quality Policy Air Pollution - Action in a changing climate. Report on the co-benefits of managing air quality and climate change together
DEFRA LAQM guidance Air Quality Policy DEFRA's LAQM technical guidance material
DECC GHG emissions from alternative fuel transport Assessment (Emissions) Review of data and methods to calculate greenhouse gas emissions from alternative fuel transport. Report for Department of Energy and Climate Change (Jan 2014)
CURED (Calculator using realistic emissions for diesels), AQC Assessment (Emissions) The Calculator Using Realistic Emissions for Diesels (CURED) has been produced by Air Quality Consultants Ltd. (AQC) to provide a reasonable worst-case set of emission factors for modelling. The CURED emission factors take account of recent real-world emissions test data as described in the report: Emissions of Nitrogen Oxides from Modern Diesel Vehicles
Low Emission Toolkit Assessment (Emissions) Spreadsheet toolkit and associated guidance to support Local Authorities in the design and assessment of Low Emission Strategies. Produced by the Low Emission Partnership.
DfT Carbon Tool Assessment (Emissions) A DfT spreadsheet tool and guidance documents to help local authorities assess the impact of transport measures on carbon emissions
DfT/TRL road vehicle emission factors Assessment (Emissions) DfT spreadsheets and guidance notes on vehicle emission factors and fleet composition data (2009)
NAEI emission factors Assessment (Emissions) NAEI set of spreadsheets and guidance notes on vehicle emission factors and fleet composition
DEFRA emission factor tool kit Assessment (Emissions) DEFRA's emission factor tool kit and other tools including the cold start model EXEMPT
Emissions of NOX from Modern Diesel Vehicles (AQC, 2016) Assessment (Emissions) Comparing real world emissions test data with Defra emission factors. Basis for CURED (calculator using realistic emissions for diesels).
Non-exhaust particulate emissions from road transport (Dec 2014) Assessment (Emissions) Briefing paper on non-tailpipe particulate emissions from road transport (i.e. brake, tyre wear and abrasion). Report includes emission factors and real world trends, and highlights the importance of non-exhaust PM.
US Alternative Fuels Data Centre Assessment (Emissions) US Department of Energy website providing a wide range of information and tools on alternative vehicles fuels.
Environment tools Assessment (Other / Combined) A website signposting a huge range of environmental tools.
DECC Carbon Valuation Assessment (Other / Combined) The government has agreed a set of carbon values to be used in policy appraisal and evaluation. The Low Emission Partnership has included non-traded carbon values in examples for emission assessments of planning developments
IIASA: Mechanism for Complying with National Emission Ceilings Assessment (Other / Combined) Paper for the European Commission, includes ‘mortality weightings’ for different pollutants expressed as PM-equivalent
TRICS Assessment (Transport) National system to provide trip generation information for new developments.
Biomethane database Bio-Methane Database on biomethane vehicles and related information
ENEVATE Toolkit Electric Vehicles A Toolkit to support the development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
Zap-Map Electric Vehicles Consumer website showing location of EV charging points in the UK.
Provision of EV charging points via planning agreements Electric Vehicles Produced by the Low Emission Partnership. A short review of current policy and practice on provision of Electric Vehicle charging points via planning agreements.
Carplus Hire / Sharing Web pages for an umbrella organisation for car clubs providing a wide range of information and resources on car clubs
ELTIS Key Body / Broad Resource Database of European (including UK) sustainable transport case studies.
Case Study Drafting and Guidance Key Body / Broad Resource Targeted at Low Emission Hub case study authors. Provides further advice on how to structure a case study, and the type and level of detail that might be appropriate. Produced by the Low Emission Partnership.
Hub Snapshot (30 Jan 2014) Key Body / Broad Resource A summary and overview of the data contained within the Low Emission Hub at the time of launch. Produced by the Low Emission Partnership. The intention is to publish such snapshots on a periodic basis as the site content develops.
Campaign for better transport Key Body / Broad Resource Useful information and resources from the Campaign for Better Transport website.
DEFRA - Air Quality Key Body / Broad Resource DEFRA's air quality website providing a range of information on air quality
LowCVP Key Body / Broad Resource Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership webpages. Government and industry partnership to support the development of low emission vehicles. Useful information and resources.
Office of Low Emission Vehicles Key Body / Broad Resource Office of Low Emission Vehicles webpages. Government agency, supported through BIS, supporting the growth of low emission vehicle technologies. Provides information on grant programmes and funding.
CIVITAS Key Body / Broad Resource Website for a European programme on cleaner urban transport in cities. Provides results, publications and resources from all the CIVITAS projects funded.
The Low Emission Partnership Key Body / Broad Resource Local Authority Partnership working together to reduce transport emissions. Includes tools and resources for local authorities wishing to adopt low emission strategies.
Environmental Protection UK Key Body / Broad Resource National charity providing policy analysis and advice on air quality and other environmental impacts. Authors of Planning Guidance used to assess air quality for new developments.
Review of LEZ / LES Feasibility Studies Low Emission Zones During 2011-2013 DEFRA awarded £1.6 million to local authorities to help investigate the potential impacts of a variety of low emission air quality improvement measures. This review examines progress of these projects to Mar 2014. It provides a snapshot of status, scope and outputs at that time; and identifies common themes and learning. The review required development of a comparison approach, which has potential for wider application.
Low Emission Zones in Europe Low Emission Zones Information on Low Emission Zones, Urban Road Charging and Urban Access Regulation Schemes in Europe
DEFRA LEZ guidance Low Emission Zones DEFRA guidance on low emission zones
LEP Planning Principles Supplement Planning This note helps local authorities develop effective and efficient air quality planning policy. It identifies principles for integrating two key sources of national guidance on this issue, published respectively by the Low Emission Partnership and EPUK.
LES planning guide Planning Good practice guide from DEFRA and the Low Emission Partnership on using the planning system to reduce transport emissions. Also includes SPD guidance
LES Planning Policy and Guidance Review (2013-14) Planning Review undertaken in late 2013 and early 2014 draws on published and draft Low Emission planning policies and guidance from Bradford, West Midlands, Sussex, Mid Devon and the Low Emission Partnership at that time.
LES Planning Guidance (2015) Planning Updated planning guidance which elaborates on the local policy approach and underpinning emission assessment methods and tools.
Urban Transport Pricing Pricing / Parking Website providing information and resources from all the main EU funded road pricing projects.
LES procurement guide Procurement Guide to support Local Authorities with procurement of low emission vehicles
Sustrans Travel Smart Travel Behaviour Sustrans personalised travel planning product, information and projects
DfT/Public Health England. Soft measures report Travel Behaviour Evidence based report on the value for money of travel behaviour interventions
Planning for Sustainable Travel Travel Behaviour Website aimed at planners and transport planners giving best practice information, tools and case studies on sustainable travel.
DEFRA guidance on LEVs Vehicles and Fleets DEFRA guidance on encouraging the uptake of low emission vehicles
Ecostars Vehicles and Fleets Freight performance certification scheme recognising good practice in clean and efficient freight fleets
FORS Vehicles and Fleets Transport for London supported fleet recognition scheme. Provides members with useful tools and information
LowCVP Low Carbon Bus site Vehicles and Fleets LowCVP Microsite providing focused information on low carbon buses
European Clean Vehicle Portal Vehicles and Fleets EU supported website that provides information on all European vehicles to support Local Authorities in vehicle procurement as part of the Clean Vehicles Procurement Directive
Freight best practice Vehicles and Fleets Government supported website and scheme providing lots of information and tools for freight fleet operators to reduce fuel use and emissions.
Next Green Car Vehicles and Fleets UK consumer website providing information on all new cars in the UK and an environmental rating system
DEFRA guidance on Retro fit equipment Vehicles and Fleets DEFRA guidance on encouraging the uptake of retro-fitted emission abatement technology
EST Transport Advice (Commercial) Vehicles and Fleets Energy Saving Trust advice website for commercial fleets. Gives information on fleet management, eco-driving and vehicle technology.
CENEX Vehicles and Fleets Centre of Excellence for low carbon and fuel cell technologies. Provides a useful range of information on low carbon vehicles.
DfT Low Emission Vehicles Vehicles and Fleets DfT website on low emission vehicle information and policies
Driving Green Vehicles and Fleets UK consumer website providing information and news on low emission cars