Lancaster Guidance and Templates (AQ Planning Guidance)

Lancaster City Council[LAName] – 05 Jan 2017


In collaboration with the Low Emission Partnership, Lancaster City Council has developed Draft Planning Guidance for management of emissions and air quality at development sites. Building on this work, the Partnership has developed design options and templates for other local authorities wishing to adopt a similar approach.



Lancaster Low Emission Planning Guidance

The guidance encourages developers to support action through the planning system to improve air quality and lower transport emissions. It does so by providing guidelines for treatment of development sites through planning appraisal.

The approach seeks to minimise harmful pollutant emissionsavoid significant impact on local concentrations and protect the public from unacceptable exposure to pollution.  In doing so it tailors assessment and mitigation requirements according to specific site characteristics, which relate both to the nature and also the scale of associated impacts and risk. 

The guidance explains:

  • How to classify a development site in order to streamline its passage through the system;
  • What assessment and mitigation should be considered for a given type of site; and
  • The submissions a developer should make and how these will be considered by the LPA.


Guidance Templates for Other Local Authorities

Building on the Draft Guidance for Lancaster, the Low Emission Partnership produced a report for wider Lancashire Authorities, that are considering adopting a similar approach. Three templates have been designed to allow any local authority to quickly prepare working draft guidance, which can be tuned and adjusted. Once drafted, they form the basis for either a local advisory note, or a more formal SPD within the Local Development Framework. 


The documents attached (RHS) are as follows:

  1. Lancaster Draft Planning Guidance: Low Emissions and Air Quality Guidance for Development Management (Jan-17)
  2. Report on Planning Guidance Templates and Design Options (May-16), includes a questionnaire to help identify the Local Authority's most likely starting point, overview of templates and options for fine tuning.
  3. Planning Guidance Templates 1-3
  4. Lancaster Guidance for EV Charging Points (Planning Advice Note, Feb-16). Separate document, included here as it is referenced in the Low Emission Planning Guidance.


Working Draft (Jan-17, v1.3)

Main Actor

  • Lancaster City Council

Basic details

  • Local authority: Lancaster City Council [Tier 2 (district/borough)]

  • Location: Lancaster (City) [Region: North West]


  • 05 Jan 17 – Updated 05 Jan 17