Low Emission Hub Guidance and Docs

National Case Study[LAName] – 25 Feb 2014


Guidance and documents relating to the Low Emission Hub



Case Study Drafting Guidance –  targeted at case study authors, providing further advice on how to structure a case study, and the type and level of detail that might be appropriate. We expect this guidance to evolve alongside use of the Hub itself.

Hub Snapshots – periodic summaries and overview of the data contained within the hub. The intention is to publish such snapshots on a periodic basis as the site content develops.


The Low Emission Partnership’s Air Quality Managers Guide

The Low Emission Partnership is developing new guidance for local air quality managers. It brings together the latest low emission ideas, approaches and tools, including the Low Emission Hub and lays out how they can best be used in combination, both in moving towards AQO compliance and also in achieving wider benefits to public health.  Please visit the LEP website, or contact Rob Pilling (rob@green-sphere.co.uk) if you would like more information about this work. 


Last updated 17 Feb 2015

Main Actor

  • Low Emission Partnership

Basic details

  • Local authority: National Case Study [Other]

  • Location: National (Mixed) [Region: National]


  • 25 Feb 14 – Updated 17 Feb 15