London Low Emission Zone (LES/LEZ)

Greater London Authority[LAName] – 28 Jan 2014


London Low Emission Zone. Introduced with the primary objective of improving ambient air quality in London (specifically PM10). Phased introduction depending on type of vehicle affected.


Covers most of Greater London. In operation 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year. Uses cameras to identify registration plates. Operators not meeting necessary emissions standards will be fined a daily charge

- Lorries, buses & coaches and heavy specialist vehicles: Euro IV for PM

- Larger vans, minibuses & specialist diesel vehicles: Euro III for PM 

Action details

Action: Low Emission Zone [ACName]


The next phase of the LEZ require TfL operated buses to meet a London-wide NOx emission standard in 2015. 

TfL has begun retrofitting 900 of its older Euro III buses with Selective Catalyst Reduction systems to reduce NO2 emissions. TfL will also replace another 900 Euro III buses with the newest, ultra-low-emission Euro VI buses by 2015. Over the next four years, TfL will introduce 600 hybrid New Buses for London. TfL estimates that this will reduce CO2 emissions in London by approx. 20,600 tonnes a year. 


In September 2020, London will introduce an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). An earlier date of 2019 is currently being proposed through consultation. This scheme will set new emissions standards for vehicles driving in central London only (within the same area as the Congestion Charging Zone). 

- Lorries, buses & coaches, diesel cars, vans and minibuses: Euro 6 / VI+ 

- Petrol cars, vans and minibuses: Euro 4+

- Motorcycles: Euro 3+

Other vehicles will face a fine. GLA modelling suggests the ULEZ (in combination with taxi and bus improvements) will reduce NOx by 49 per cent and PM by 64 per cent, within the zone. It will also significantly reduce pollution outside of the zone itself.


See GLA and TfL websites for further information: 




Introduced in 2008

Main Actor

  • Transport for London

Basic details

  • Local authority: Greater London Authority [Other]

  • Location: London (Metropolitan area) [Region: London]


  • 28 Jan 14 – Updated 18 Jul 16

Action Type

  • Low Emission Zone