Plymouth Hospitals (Travel plan)

Plymouth City Council[LAName] – 28 Jan 2014


Plymouth Hospital Travel Plan resulted in a reduction in staff arriving by car (from 90% to 54%). The plan included restricted and charged parking permit allocation, supplemented with improved Public Transport services, discounted Public Transport tickets and promotion of car sharing.

Action details

Action: Travel plan [ACName]


Ref: TTR (2010) Local Authority Fleets: Composition, Activity and Interventions. Report prepared for the Low Emission Strategy Partnership by Transport and Travel Research (TTR) Ltd. November 2010.


Introduced in 1998, monitoring results from 2001

Main Actor

  • Plymouth Hospital

Basic details

  • Local authority: Plymouth City Council [Unitary]

  • Location: Plymouth (City) [Region: South West]


  • 28 Jan 14 – Updated 26 Feb 14

Action Type

  • Travel Plan