Heart of East Greenwich (Planning Condition / Agreement)

Royal Borough of Greenwich[LAName] – 28 Jan 2014


Section 106 agreement for large mixed use development including range of mitigation measures



Site: Mixed use development comprising community facilities, 600 residential units (50% of which will be affordable), 3,000 sq m of retail units / restaurants, open space, parking and associated servicing facilities (500 sq m of affordable space for business use)


Contribution of £150,000 towards improvement of transport infrastructure (bus stop improvements and improvements to public transport links)

Provision of car club parking spaces

Travel plan (encourage sustainable travel, targets for reduction of car parking and single car use, targets for increase in staff/residents using sust. transport, survey and monitoring)

Provision of electric charging points for electric cars

Implementation of 'low emission transport scheme' requiring submission and approval by council prior to commencing each phase of work - aims to prohibit the most polluting vehicles, while promoting use of cleanest vehicles (includes monitoring)

Reasonable endeavours' to ensure commercial vehicles meet: 
--- Euro 4 by 2011 (target quota of 50% Euro 5 or better)
--- Euro 5 by 2013 (target quotas for Euro 6 or clean vehicles)
--- 50% Euro 6 by 2018

Reasonable endeavours to incentivise all residential parking to prevent or reduce CO2 emissions

Managed parking to ensure all vehicles are Euro 4, with a requirement that at least 50% are Euro 5 by 2011 and 100% Euro 5 by 2013

Management of construction emissions

Action details

Action: Car club [ACName]

Action: Electric vehicle charging infrastructure [ACName]

Action: Emission based parking allocation [ACName]

Action: Financial contribution to public transport infrastructure [ACName]

Action: Travel plan [ACName]


Agreement Date 2009

Main Actor

  • English Partnerships, First Base, Land Limited

Basic details

  • Local authority: Royal Borough of Greenwich [Tier 2 (district/borough)]

  • Location: Greenwich (Metropolitan area) [Region: London]


  • 28 Jan 14 – Updated 30 Jan 14

Action Type

  • Car clubs
  • Electric vehicle infrastructure
  • Emission Based Parking Allocation
  • Subsidy for public transport services
  • Travel Plan