Sefton Procurement Process Guide (Procurement Policy / Guidance)

Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council[LAName] – 27 Jan 2014


Council LES procurement guidance at an advanced stage. Developed 'procurement tool for local authorities' with the Low Emission Partnership.

Action details

Action: Procurement strategy and toolkit [ACName]


Sefton and the Low Emission Partnership have developed a process guide for Council Procurement. The guide emphasises the need to influence the procurement activity at all stages and particularly at the outset, when there is most scope to affect subsequent emissions.

The guide is provided as a power point presentation, stepping through the procurement process with hyper-links to more detailed information and resources. This is intended to make it quicker and easier both to use and to maintain than traditional report style guidance. The format also means that it can be easily adapted to meet the needs of other authorities or changing circumstances within an authority.

Available on the Low Emission Strategies website: http://www.lowemissionstrategies.org


Procurement tool complete - October 2012

Main Actor

  • Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council

Basic details

  • Local authority: Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council [Tier 2 (district/borough)]

  • Location: Sefton (Metropolitan area) [Region: North West]


  • 27 Jan 14 – Updated 05 Mar 14

Action Type

  • Procurement strategy