Mid Devon ECO Stars (Fleet Recognition & Assurance)

Mid Devon District Council[LAName] – 27 Jan 2014


The Mid Devon ECO Stars fleet recognition scheme was the first to be launched outside South Yorkshire and to date is the only one to include a separate scheme specifically aimed at taxi fleets.



Currently signed up to the scheme are 22 general fleet members operating around 1,007 vehicles and 7 taxi fleet operators responsible for around 46 vehicles.

Action details

Action: Fleet recognition and assurance [ACName]


ECO Stars is a fleet recognition scheme designed to ensure commitment to improving efficiency in the operation of HGV, LGV, bus and coach fleet operations thereby reducing fuel consumption and hence emissions which helps to improve local air quality, improve health and support economic growth . The scheme originated in South Yorkshire but has since been adopted by 10 other UK councils and is also active in mainland Europe.


It has been operating since 2011.

Main Actor

  • Mid Devon District Council

Basic details

  • Local authority: Mid Devon District Council [Tier 2 (district/borough)]

  • Location: Mid Devon (Rural) [Region: South West]


  • 27 Jan 14 – Updated 11 Dec 14

Action Type

  • Other