Vanguard development (Planning Condition / Agreement)

City of York[LAName] – 23 Jan 2014


Planning conditions to secure the provision of 15 EV charging points and 15 electric bike charging points. Sec 106 contribution of £20,244 to support local air quality monitoring in the vicinity of the site.



Site: Development of a new Community Stadium for York plus community facilities (library, crèche, independent living demonstration centre).  The community facilities will be enabled by 30,843sq m of retail and restaurant development to the SE of the stadium known as the 'Vanguard site'.  The development is adjacent to existing large Monks Cross retail park which has two large supermarkets, a small supermarket and a selection of high street shops.



Proposed development will introduce 1,340 parking spaces on the enabling development and potentially up to 490 spaces for the stadium (400 of these spaces are already had approval as an extension to the adjacent Park & Ride site but have not yet been built by CYC).  The air quality impact assessment undertaken for the development indicated potential increases in concentrations of NO2 and PM10 on roads in the surrounding area but these were of a level unlikely to result in the need to declare any further AQMAs. There are no AQMAs within the immediate vicinity of the site.

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  • Indicator Value Measure / Method Quality Assurance


Developer required to provide 15 EV charging points, 15 electric bike charging points and £20,244 towards the cost of air quality monitoring in the residential areas likely to experience increase in pollutant concentrations.  A comprehensive travel plan was also required dealing particularly with the management of match day traffic.

CYC officers continue to liaise with the developers to ensure that the EV charging points provided are compatible with the wider EV charging network in York.

Action details

Action: Contribution for air quality monitoring [ACName]

Action: Electric vehicle infrastructure [ACName]

Action: Travel plan [ACName]


See references: Planning Condition (AQ conditions are 51 and 52); and Section 106 text


The Monks Cross retail park and stadium is currently under construction and due to open Easter 2014.

Main Actor

  • City of York Council

Basic details

  • Local authority: City of York [Unitary]

  • Location: York (City) [Region: North East]


  • 23 Jan 14 – Updated 30 Jan 14

Action Type

  • Contribution for strategic investment
  • Electric vehicle infrastructure
  • Travel Plan